Monday, August 17, 2009


I am such a fan of the BBC presentation of Merlin, seen on NBC in the U.S on Sundays. It is an offbeat (and upbeat) modernish presentation of the ancient legend of Camelot, of course, with a couple of cute young dudes playing the roles of Merlin and Prince Arthur in their late teens.

King Uther, Arthur's father, does not allow sorcery in the kingdom and consequently, Merlin is obliged to keep his extraordinary gifts a secret at least for the moment, or he will be tried for witchcraft.

In the meantime, he is the prince's servant, but it is a gratifying relationship in which the two young men find themselves, as Merlin has promised to protect Arthur as the heir apparent to Camelot. This, from the mouth of a friendly dragon upon whose advice Merlin relies greatly.

This is a sweet and endearing fairy tale the whole family can watch, so atypical of the normal blood and guts fare our kids are expose to.

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