Friday, October 15, 2010

Why Can't we be a True Democracy?

Okay, tell me I'm stupid.

But why can't democracy, real democracy work for us? Now that the world is fully computerized why can't we hold our elections on-line, vote for who we choose without all the primaries and preliminaries and rallies and obnoxious television commercials, the castration of viable candidates by those who want their jobs. Why isn't electronic voting a possibility?  Am I so naive?

Representative government is not working for us. We are developing an entire class, bred to politics, not for the greater good of the nation I might add, but for their own power. We no longer have men and women rising up out of our grass roots who are willing to sacrifice several years of their lives to help our country move in the right direction. If they are there, then they are summarily squashed by the imperial forces of corporate greed. What we have now is a whole class of politicians, usually born to money, enough money to get them elected in the first place and then enough money to hold office until they teeter off to their graves. It is a safe and undemanding job in most cases for their entire lives, especially for the Judicial branch.

I say enough!

I say term limits for all, including our Supreme Court, who have now shown themselves to be politically active by overturning laws that are considered "precedent" in order to give lobbying corporations far more advantage in the outcome of elections of their malleable candidates.

Our political system has become a crude and sad melee of loud and tasteless voices, who will say anything about anyone to get re-elected.

I say, down with the Republic and let the voice of democracy ring out. It couldn't get any worse than it is now.