Wednesday, February 5, 2020

A Profile in Courage

Senator Mitt Romney has just restored my faith in government, in truth and in the decency of our politicians.
Today he gave a speech only an hour or so before the Senate is to vote to acquit our president from impeachment and the removal from office which he so readily deserves. Romney appears to be the only Republican who is living up to the oath they all must take:  Conscience first, County second and Party last.  He is the only Republican who had the grace and the conscience to stray from the long vindictive arm of Mitch McConnell and therefore will invite a lot of vituperative comment and retribution from Trump. Still, in his speech, he acknowledged that; indeed, he expects it.
As we all have been reminded ad infinitum over the past couple of months, our constitution warns no one is above the law.  This president, however, is too ignorant and too arrogant to care. And with his staff of sycophants including Barr and Pompeo, he doesn’t have to. And once this acquittal takes place, this president will feel he can do anything with impunity, as the Senate which is supposed to be the check on the Executive Branch, will allow him to do whatever he wants.
JFK, may we include Mitt Romney in your pantheon of Profiles in Courage?  And may we award him the Medal of Freedom.
He deserves it. Not Rush Limbaugh.   

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