Monday, January 2, 2017

Don't Cancel Pure Genius!

I loved this show.

I am so sick of the blood letting, the car chases, lovers flopping into bed after banging against walls and tearing their clothes off -- ugh -- the utter disdain for originality AND the constant use of the F-Bomb! This little show is something different with fresh ideas and fresh faces.  It is hopeful and inspiring. The writing could improve, but the over-all concept is hope.  Whether the fictionalized cures could be realistic some day or not, I wouldn't know. Some say yes and some say no.

Nevertheless, we need more shows on Broadcast TV that our children can watch. And this is one with a theme of goodness, generosity and beneficence, rather than greed, arrogance and utter lack of morality,


  1. This is mine and my mom's feel good show and one of the best things out right now!! Between that, SVU, and Code Black, I rarely watch TV. This show gave me warmth and all the feels. Can we petition now??

  2. We can certainly try; if enough people write to the producers, perhaps it will make a difference. I already have.