Monday, December 22, 2014

Ho Hum Homeland

Now that Quinn (the most exciting character since Brody) is on a black-ops assignment somewhere very dangerous, what will “Homeland’s” writers decide to do next?  

Carrie’s psychotic episodes may be endearing to the men in her life, but are boring, boring, boring to this viewer. Saul may re-assume some importance in the next season – we certainly hope so. And a potential volatile relationship between Carrie and long lost Mom may (or may not) rev things up a bit, but with Sunday’s episode and the (hopefully) temporary departure of Peter Quinn, who seems to be the moral compass of the show, the season finale seemed almost moribund. 

And a word to the writers: not everyone in the world drops the “F-bomb.”  It is certainly in Carrie’s high maintenance character to do so, but I would think “out of character” for someone like Saul and some of the other operatives, technicians, and directors at Langley, who appear to use the word two or three times in a single sentence. Just because you may be comfortable with it, it does not necessarily follow that everyone in the CIA uses it – on TV or in real life.   

The word has lost its shock value, having been flung at us by new and liberated cable networks.  But how many of us actually use the word in everyday conversation? C'mon! 

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