Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ron Paul and Iowa Debate

My take:

I have a lot of regard for Ron Paul, more so after tonight's debate.  He agreed with Obama's policy on Iran (a dangerous thing to do in a Republican debate), and he even brought up JFK's wise use of diplomacy during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Of course, it will hurt him in the Iowa Primary in January -- his numbers will begin to slip, but the point is, he's a reasonable man who deplores the trigger happy,  reflexive rush to war at every juncture, when diplomacy might work instead. 

His answer about the judiciary was the most reasonable as well.  I admire him.

Bachman had a strong performance tonight, though I don't agree with her on the issues (She would choose Clarence Thomas as one of her favorite justices? Please!)  She had to stand up to Newt's patronizing characterization of her as a less than serious candidate for getting her facts wrong.  She had to come out strong and put him in his place. As a woman I applaud her for doing just that.

Unfortunately, Huntsman did not have a strong night.  Perhaps New Hampshire is his best bet and perhaps he would be able to balance the ticket running as vice president to an extremely conservative president.  But I think it would be a mistake; Huntsman is presidential material and should not take a back seat to any of the others on that stage.  

The Twitter consensus is that Romney did well and Newt slipped a bit. So it looks like it's  "Newt Romney" to the finish. 


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