Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Degradating End

Qaddafi will, along with Hitler and Hussein, take his place in the annals of history and crimes to humanity.

And how to judge them (and others of course)?  Are they devils come to wreak evil upon the world?  Or are they ordinary humans whose accumulation of power placed them in a position where they could no longer see the evil they brought.  I don't know the answer.

I thought I believed that we all choose the lives we enter into. That if our lives are difficult, it is because we've chosen that in order to work through some weaknesses.  I feel naive in that belief now as I contemplate what men like Qaddafi face ahead.  Will it all become clear to him, once he's made the "grand transition" and will he regret not using his tremendous power to enrich the lives of his countrymen rather than to drag them into poverty and dependence and degradation. 

I do not know the answer.

I do know that the Libyan people have brought about a revolution and thrown off the mantel of oppression.  They have won and I commend them. Now let them show us what they can do with the liberty they've won. 


  1. I’ve often though the same things, Sue. We make our choices in life. And I’ve sometimes wondered—as you—if we had a say in which lives we were born into…I don’t know either. On a more Earthly level, it seems we’ve—the USA—have taken out numerous of these despotic “bad guys” of late. I’m sure there are more out there. I wonder, will the world honor America for doing so? Or, will we reap a whirlwind of hate from all those bad guys who are left? I join you: Libya…rejoice and make good from it, learn from it, and the rest of the world as well!

    G. F. Smith