Sunday, March 28, 2010

To David Frum

David Frum has always been one of my favorite contemporary conservatives, maybe not quite in the league of William F. Buckley yet, but clearly heading in that direction. William Saffire, a free thinker with a sense of humor was another favorite of times gone by. No one else can fill their shoes -- except David -- certainly not the dour George Will. Andrew Sullivan has the wit and the impishness that Saffire had and Michael Smerconish, a conservative talk show host who recently left the Republican Party on principle and became an Independent -- certainly has the courage.

When someone of Frum's caliber gets fired from the American Enterprise Institute because he voiced an opinion criticizing the established Republican rhetoric, that is bad news, guys. Will he be silent now? Woe is me if that's the case. All that will remain from that persuasion will be the Costa Rica bound Limbaugh and goofy Glenn Beck with their chirpy cheer leaders, Liz Cheney and Michelle Bachman not to mention the head cheer leader, the leather lovin' Sarah.

Will there ever be intellectual debate between the parties again, when it is obvious no one in the Republican party may speak their mind without repercussion? They are muzzled. Either parrot the party line or get lost. It's a sad day in American politics.

Come back David! Get a show on MSNBC and give those liberals a run for their money. I'd love to see it.

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